Jamkhed Science Center


Welcome to the Jamkhed Science Center! Namaste.

Contact information:

Manager: Mr. Amol Kasab
Email: kasabamol18@gmail.com
Phone: +91 94231 83707

Program Advisor: Dr. Martin Kamela

Host NGO:

Society for Comprehensive Rural Health Projects, Jamkhed

Mr. Abel Desai

At. Post. Taluka Jamkhed

Dist. Ahmednagar

Maharashtra – 413 201


Phone: +91 2421 221322

Fax: +91 2421 222892

Welcome to the Jamkhed Science Center. The Center is housed at the Comprehensive Rural Health Project (CRHP), in Jamkhed, Maharashtra, India.  The goal of the Center is to support school children in hands-on, active science, math, and technology learning. We partner with local schools, teachers’ college, and others, to deliver our programs.

Read more about our host NGO
CRHP at www.jamkhed.org

Science Center